School Organization

Stichting Haagse Chinese School is a non-profit educational training institute registered as a foundation in The Hague since last century. It was founded with the primary aim to provide a conductive environment for the learning of the official Chinese language and to promote the understanding of Chinese culture especially among children of Chinese migrants. And now our foundation is run by a council, members within this council have contributed a lot to promote Chinese language and culture disinterestedly.

For the purpose of charity, we only charge very little from parents or students, and occasionally can receive some donation from local Chinese community. Our total income can only cover school's daily cost and teachers' transportation fees. So here we really appreciate teachers' great contribution and support from Chinese community.

We welcome all local Dutch-Chinese to join our council, or work as a teacher or volunteer of our school. You can contact us though phone, post or mail. If your time has been occupied, then donation is another good way to support our school, practically, your donation to our school would be calculated as part of your tax payment. So, be active!

Charitable organization

Stichting Haagse Chinese School has been accepted by Dutch Tax Administration as a registered charitable organization (ANBI) that eligibility receives tax deductible charitable contributions since 1st January 2009. So our donator can get receipts from school, and then the amount of donation will be deducted directly from their tax payment. Please find more information from: Aftrekken van periodieke giften And you can also find our name from ANBI official list:ANBI opzoeken

Expression of thanks

Mr. Hadi Surya from Indonesia has 7,500 euro on September 1, 2009 donated to our foundation.