Teachers of Stichting Haagse Chinese School:

温国钊 (David Wan) email address: david.wan@st-hcs.org
Mr. Wan came from Hong Kong, has been joining Chinese education more than 40 years in the Netherlands. Mr. Wan is good at education administration and teaching with multimedia. Mr. Wan is the director.

刘美霞 (Lau Mei Ha) email address: meiha.lau@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Lau came from Hong Kong, has many years of experience in Chinese teaching. Mrs. Lau’s speciality is in preschool Chinese teaching. She is now the teacher of the Bridge Cantonese class.

楊倩婷 (Sin Ting Yeung) email address: sinting.yeung@st-hcs.org
Ms. Yeung is from Hong Kong, and graduated from City University of Hong Kong. Currently, she is pursuing a Master's degree in Asian Studies at Leiden University. She is nice and patient teacher for kids. As a teacher, she insists on "teaching students according to their aptitude" and the spirit of education, "no child is left behind". Hence, she is willing to develop students' interest in learning Chinese and to develop their language skills. She is now the teacher of Entry Level Chinese Class 1 and Chinese Preparatory Class.

李雅丽 (Yali Li) email address: yali.li@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Li graduated from Capital Normal University in Beijing and came from Heilongjiang Province, China. She has a positive personality and is very enthusiastic about Chinese teaching. She is now the teacher of First Grade.

宋博雅 (Boya Song) email address: boya.song@st-hcs.org
Ms. Song came from Xinjiang province, China. She studied International Business at The Hague University and Rotterdam Business School. She has experiences in translation and teaching internationals. She is passionate to explore new methods to teach and finds the suitable way for each student. She is now the teacher of Second Grade A.

胡可盈 (Keying Hu) email address: keying.hu@st-hcs.org
Ms. Hu is currently a master student Delft University of Technology, majoring in Architecture. She was a student assistant for the course GCSE Mandarin in the UK. She is fluent in Mandarin, Dutch and English. She hopes not only to help the students learn Mandarin, but also develop their interest in Chinese and China as a whole. She is now a teacher of Second Grade B.

朱文婷 (Wenting Zhu) email address: wenting.zhu@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Zhu is Bachelor of Chinese Language and Literature, East China Normal University, studied at the Institute of Global Chinese Language Teacher Education of East China Normal University. Mrs. Zhu hopes to improve students' interest in Chinese learning through flexible and patient teaching. She is now the teacher of Third Grade.

王颜姣 (Yanjiao Wang) email address: yanjiao.wang@st-hcs.org
Ms. Wang graduated from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. An optimistic personality, it is easy to mix with children, and at the same time effectively convey happiness and impart knowledge. She believes that multilingual communication is the most competitive quality of contemporary young people, and it is also the basic manifestation of multicultural tolerance. She emphasizes the cultivation of students' interest in language. She is now the teacher of Fourth Grade.

张晨 (Chen Zhang) email address: chen.zhang@st-hcs.org
Ms. Zhang graduated from Xiamen University, currently she is a master student majoring in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology at Leiden University. She is nice and patient, always respecting each kid's own way of learning. She hopes to help children to enjoy the language learning. She is now the teacher of Fifth Grade.

周佩璇 (Peixuan Zhou) email address: peixuan.zhou@st-hcs.org
Ms. Zhou, came from Beijing, China and graduated in Aerospace engineering in TU Delft. She is cheerful and responsible and would like to help kids develop an interest in learning Chinese. She is now the teacher of Sixth Grade.

陈小婷 (Xiaoting Chen) email address: xiaoting.chen@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Chen came from Beijing, China. She graduated from Leiden University in the Netherlands, and now Leiden University continues its postdoctoral research project. She hopes to enjoy the fun of teaching Chinese, learn more interesting life and educate children from the children's classroom. She is now the teacher of Seventh Grade.

谢云 (Yun Xie) email address: yun.xie@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Xie came from Liaoning, China. She received her Undergraduate degree. Since 1984, she has worked as a teacher in secondary professional schools. Since 2005, she has been teaching Chinese in The Hague and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The main schools are: Dutch Language School in the Netherlands, Hagnum in The Hague High School and WDZ in The Hague Primary School and Chinese School in The Hague. She is now the teacher of the First Grade of the secondary school.

张念磊 (Nianlei Zhang) email address: nianlei.zhang@st-hcs.org
Mr. Zhang graduated from Delft University of Technology with his MSc. in Mechanical Engineering. He believes that education is the foundation of social progress. And he hopes that he can devote to youth education with his knowledge, methodology and experience. He is now the teacher of grade one of high school.

杨昊昱 (Haoyu Yang) email address: haoyu.yang@st-hcs.org
Haoyu Yang, from Gansu province, China, is a recent graduate from MSc Business Information Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam. She is enthusiastic about Chinese language teaching, wishing to share her understanding of the essense of Chinese traditional culture and virtue. She believes that language learning brings new perspectives for one to learn about the world. She is now the teacher of First Grade Adult Mandarin.

江雪寒 (Xuehan Jiang) email address: xuehan.jiang@st-hcs.org
I came from Heilongjiang, China. I had my bachelor degree of communication engineer in University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, and master degree of computer science in TU Delft. I am a person who love Chinese culture and have a great knowledge scope about Chinese languages. I wish to let more people in this world to know Chinese and understand its beauty. He is now the teacher of Second Grade Adult Mandarin.

高明辉 (Minghui Gao)
email address: minghui.gao@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Gao graduated from Yanbian University Medical College and came from Beijing. Mrs. Gao is very enthusiastic about Chinese teaching and her specialty is in adult Chinese teaching. She is now the teacher of Fourth Grade Adult Mandarin.

Deputy teachers

刘梦岚 (Menglan Liu) email address: menglan.liu@st-hcs.org
Miss Liu has MSc in International Finance, University of Amsterdam. Miss Liu is detail-oriented, responsible and patient towards her students. She believes each student is different. The teaching method and content should be adjusted according to students’ character and interests. Learning Chinese would provide the students with valuable multi-cultural experiences and cultivate international mindset.

赵蕊 (Rui Zhao) email address: rui.zhao@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Zhao came from Beijing, is graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University, obtained Bachelor degree, major in English Literature and International Commercial. Then she continued the studies in France (IEHEI) and got her master degree, major in International Relations. She has worked as a Chinese Professor’s assistant in Nice University during her stay in France. Her teaching idea is happy learning and would like to integrate learning and playing. Through games, we can improve children’s listening comprehension and speaking.

李博雅 (Boya Li) email address: boya.li@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Li came from Hubei Province, China. She graduated from Leiden University, PhD. Her idea about Chinese teaching is to teach students in accordance with their aptitude and learning purpose, gives them incentive and hence increase their interest of learning Chinese.

邹朵 (Duo Zou) email address: duo.zou@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Zou was originally from Hubei, and she has studied and worked in several different European counties before moving to the Netherlands. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in Aerospace Engineering. In this world of the future, education needs to be omnipresent. She believes passion and interest enhances one’s potential. Anyone who is curious about Chinese culture deserves good language guidance. She especially enjoys practicing conversational skills with students.

应志雄 (Zhixiong Ying) email address: zhixiong.ying@st-hcs.org
Mr. Ying came from Fujian Province, China. He graduated from Nanjing Agricultural University, China, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). He thinks language is a tool for communication, and language teaching should be based on the purpose of the student.

陈瑞珍 (Ruizhen Chen) email address: ruizhen.chen@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Chen is from the province of Fujian, China. She has graduated from teacher training for primary school in China. She has worked as a primary school teacher for 18 years. She loves teaching and has a preference for fixed teaching methods.

孙蒨 (Qian Sun) email address: qian.sun@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Sun came from Guangdong province, China. She graduated from Delft University of Technology. She is responsible and has patience and great enthusiasm for Chinese teaching. She believes Chinese is the essence of the Chinese Culture, it helps to build a bridge between different cultures. She believes interest is the best teacher, recommends to teach students according to their abilities, and to combine her teaching with fun.

If you want to join our work, please send your application form to:

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