Teachers of Stichting Haagse Chinese School:

温国钊 (David Wan) email address: david.wan@st-hcs.org
Mr. Wan came from Hong Kong, has been joining Chinese education more than 40 years in the Netherlands. Mr. Wan is good at education administration and teaching with multimedia. Mr. Wan is the director.

刘美霞 (Lau Mei Ha) email address: meiha.lau@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Lau came from Hong Kong, has many years of experience in Chinese teaching. Mrs. Lau’s speciality is in preschool Chinese teaching. She is now the teacher of the Bridge Cantonese class.

黄嫣然 (Anna Domela) email address: yanran.huang@st-hcs.org
Miss Huang is from The Hague and Shanghai. She is a senior in the international school of The Hague and last year She is graduated from the Stichting Haagse Chinese school. She is now the teacher of Entry-Level Class.

李佩霖 (Peilin Li) email address: peilin.li@st-hcs.org
Miss Li a cheerful and enthusiastic person from Guangxi who likes to play with children. She is studying Asian Studies at Leiden University as a postgraduate student. She has worked as a Chinese teacher in Cambodia and many other places and has more than 3 years of Chinese teaching experience. She is now the teacher of Chinese Preparatory Class.

王艳芳 (Yanfang Wang) email address: yanfang.wang@st-hcs.org
Miss Wang was born in Hengshui, Hebei, China. She finished her bachelor and master study at Sichuan University in China, and then got her PhD at University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Now she is a post-doc researcher at Delft University of Technology. She is optimistic and patient, and she thinks children and Chinese culture are adorable. She is now the teacher of the First Grade 1.1.

任小米 (Aysha van Raaij) email address: xiaomi.ren@st-hcs.org
Miss Van Raaij is currently studying at the Stedelijk Gymnasium in Leiden. She has lived in 3 different countries and therefore she speaks 3 languages fluently (Dutch, English and Chinese). She is a curious person who is open to new experiences and challenges. She enjoys playing the piano, playing online games and crocheting in her free time. She is excited to share her passion of the Chinese language and culture with the class and looking forward to see them grow in it. She is now the teacher of the First Grade 1.2.

刘杰 (Jie Liu) email address: jie.liu@st.hcs.org
Mr. Liu came from Shandong Province, graduated with a master's degree in food science in 2017 and then worked in the United Nations Office for Project Services and Zhejiang Gongshang University. He is living in Leiden. He is now the teacher of the Second Grade 2.1.

王烁 (Shuo Wang) email address: shuo.wang@st-hcs.org
Mr. Wang came from Beijing, China. He is a high school student at The Hague. He has cheerful personality, serious attitude and good social skills. he is now the teacher of the Second Grade 2.2.

孙蒨 (Qian Sun) email address: qian.sun@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Sun came from Guangdong province, China. She graduated from Delft University of Technology. She is responsible and has patience and great enthusiasm for Chinese teaching. She believes Chinese is the essence of the Chinese Culture, it helps to build a bridge between different cultures. She believes interest is the best teacher, recommends to teach students according to their abilities, and to combine her teaching with fun. She is now the teacher of Third Grade.

黄路遥 (Luyao Huang) email address: luyao.huang@st-hcs.org
Miss Huang came from Nanning, Guangxi, China. she graduated with a Master's degree from Xiamen University in China and is currently pursuing a PhD in Education at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Writing stories and reading literature has been her passion since childhood. She firmly believes in the power of words to convey emotions and captivate hearts. Her aim is to incorporate this belief in her teaching, using the Chinese language to provide students with a deeper understanding of the richness of Chinese culture, in addition to learning the language. She is now the teacher of Fourth Grade.

张晨 (Chen Zhang) email address: chen.zhang@st-hcs.org
Ms. Zhang finished her master of Anthropology at Leiden University. She is nice and patient, always respecting each kid's own way of learning. She hopes to help children to enjoy the language learning. She is now the teacher of Fifth Grade.

刘冰 (Bing Liu) email address: bing.liu@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Liu came from DaLian of China and graduated from MSc degree of Groningen University. She loves Chinese culture, history and traditions. She has been working as a mandarin teacher for many years both in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. She believes that every student has ability to fly high. Her responsibility is to help students build up their confidence and interest in Chinese, to stimulate the students’ potentials of learning a new language and instruct them to make progress day by day. She is now the teacher of Sixth Grade.

马芸阁 (Yunge Ma) email address: yunge.ma@st-hcs.org
Miss Ma came from Guangdong, China, and holds a master's degree in Graphic Design from the London College of Art. She pursuing studies in Asian Studies at Leiden University. She is easygoing and enthusiastic, and have been involved in Chinese-English education and international volunteering in Taiwan, Cambodia, Singapore, etc. Since childhood, she have received training in traditional Chinese musical instruments and calligraphy, and have a great passion for promoting Chinese literature and art. She is now the teacher of Seventh Grade.

周佩璇(Peixuan Zhou) email address: peixuan.zhou@st-hcs.org
Ms. Zhou, came from Beijing, China and graduated in Aerospace engineering in TU Delft. She is cheerful and responsible and would like to help kids develop an interest in learning Chinese. She is now the teacher of Junior Secondary Class 1.

谢云 (Yun Xie) email address: yun.xie@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Xie came from Liaoning, China. She received her Undergraduate degree. Since 1984, she has worked as a teacher in secondary professional schools. Since 2005, she has been teaching Chinese in The Hague and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The main schools are: Dutch Language School in the Netherlands, Hagnum in The Hague High School and WDZ in The Hague Primary School and Chinese School in The Hague. She is now the teacher of Senior Secondary Class 1.

张湘 (Xiang Zhang) email address: xiang.zhang@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Zhang received MBA from the University of Plymouth, UK, and Bachelor of Business Economics from Utrecht Business School, Netherlands. She has a wide range of interests and likes to experience new things. Fluent in English, Level B in Dutch. She hopes that through her efforts, students can utilise Chinese language in daily life or during travels, and improve their communication skills. Emphasis on the different needs of different students. She is now the teacher of First Grade Adult Mandarin.

何沁心 (Qinxin He) email address: qinxin.he@st-hcs.org
Miss He comes from Chengdu, China. She graduated from Wuhan University (Chinese literature, BA) and Peking University (Aesthetics, MA). At present, she is a PhD student of Leiden University, majoring in Chinese art history. Since a young age, she started to draw traditional Chinese painting (especially Gongbi painting), and has experience in teaching painting courses. She sincerely hopes that the students can fall in love with traditional Chinese culture through her course. She is now the teacher of Third Grade Adult Mandarin.

王今 (Jin Wang)
email address: jin.wang@st-hcs.org
Ms. Wang is currently studying Linguistics at Leiden University. She is passionate in teaching Chinese and has worked in several Chinese schools teaching Chinese to adults. Currently, She is now the teacher of Fourth Grade Adult Mandarin.

Deputy teachers

张合一 (Heyi Zhang) email address: heyi.zhang@st-hcs.org
Miss Zhang came fFrom Jiangsu, China. She is graduated from Leiden University in the Netherlands. She is optimistic, cheerful and patient.

朱文婷 (Wenting Zhu) email address: wenting.zhu@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Zhu is Bachelor of Chinese Language and Literature, East China Normal University, studied at the Institute of Global Chinese Language Teacher Education of East China Normal University. Mrs. Zhu hopes to improve students' interest in Chinese learning through flexible and patient teaching.

周静茹 (Jingru Zhou) email address: jingru.zhou@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Zhou graduated from Zhejiang Business University with a Master's Degree. She is now studying as a PhD in Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). She likes calligraphy, paper cutting and Peking Opera. She loves Chinese traditional culture very much. She hopes she can enjoy teaching Chinese and let more people understand Chinese culture.

邹朵 (Duo Zou) email address: duo.zou@st-hcs.org
Mrs. Zou was originally from Hubei, and she has studied and worked in several different European counties before moving to the Netherlands. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in Aerospace Engineering. In this world of the future, education needs to be omnipresent. She believes passion and interest enhances one’s potential. Anyone who is curious about Chinese culture deserves good language guidance. She especially enjoys practicing conversational skills with students.

谭迪文 (Diwen Tan) email address: diwen.tan@st-hcs.org
Ms. Tan is from Hunan, China. She graduated from the University of Edinburgh in UK and KU Leuven in Belgium. She worked at the United Nations Environment Programme. She is currently a PhD researcher at the Department of Urbanism, TU Delft in the Netherlands. It is hoped that through language learning, students can better understand Chinese culture, including myths, rituals, and festivals.

裴钰(Yu Pei) email address: yu.pei@st-hcs.org
Ms. Pei came from the province Jiangxi, China. She is now a full time student at the University of Amsterdam, majoring in "Media and Culture". In this fast-paced era, she would like to make use of a new kind of teaching method by applying new media to stimulate children's imagination and creativity. She wants to spread the culture and spirit of the Chinese traditional virtues.

刘梦岚 (Menglan Liu) email address: menglan.liu@st-hcs.org
Miss Liu has MSc in International Finance, University of Amsterdam. Miss Liu is detail-oriented, responsible and patient towards her students. She believes each student is different. The teaching method and content should be adjusted according to students’ character and interests. Learning Chinese would provide the students with valuable multi-cultural experiences and cultivate international mindset.

花成 (Cheng Hua) email address: cheng.hua@st-hcs.org
Miss Hua is currently a PhD student in Education at Leiden University. She has an outgoing and cheerful personality, and she enjoys constantly trying new things. She excels in incorporating musical elements and activities into language teaching to enhance students' learning interests.

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